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Aged care service in Nepal

NACCN has announced its program on community care. It is also offering Promoter shares to the interested public. CEO of the company  , Mr Rajeshwor Ghimire , said, soon NACCN will be opening its residential care. We  are offering employment opportunities with free assistant aged care training , said Uddav Kumar Ghimire the MD of NACCN. Mr Rajeshwor Ghimre , himself an aged care nurse from Australia explained Background and Rationales.

He said, These are the problems/challenges being addressed by this company, and  is it important to have a solution because of :

  • Increasing generation gap and changing on life style
  • Trend of migration, parents as well as children’s developing dream of aboard. Young generation generally unable to rehabilitate (get back) in Nepal.
  • Changing family structure; joint family moving towards nuclear family set up.
  • Increasing struggle to survive and new generation unable to allocate their time to their parents.

NACCN  is the uniqueness of the company because we have :

  • Institutional parents care home
  • Home based care approach. This concept provides psychosocial and physical supports in home.
  • Executive body of parent’s care and consultancy cooperative will be formed by members / representatives of parents.
  • Family counseling, recreational activities and social awareness will be in place.
  • Lobbing for the rights of the aging people. Free service can be in place in future.
  • Service cost can be verities based on service frequency and standard.
    1. Why is the innovation potentially appropriate and possible to scale up?
      1. This project is new model in Nepal that contributes the current need of senior citizens as well as increasing demand of future.
      2. Unique residential set up can be established based on feed-back received.
    2. Why is the innovation potentially sustainable?

The parents care and consultancy developed as cooperative concept. This will be managed by selling those services. Concern children of the client (parents) will be a major buyer of the services. Parents, government and other interested person or institution can be an income source of the program.


National Aged & Community are Nepal


Objectives of the institution

  • Provide assistance to the parents in the consultation with their children.
  • Provide counseling and recreational services targeting to aging people.
  • Organize aging people and lobby to ensure their rights.
  • Provide protection and support to fulfill overall need of aging people.
  • Provide community care, respite care, residential care
  • Provide palliative care and dementia care
  • NACCN Source and services :
    • Home based care and counseling
    • Sponsor based services
    • Community based care , residential care , respite care
    • Dementia care , palliative care
    • Free care for help-less senior citizen
    • Right based lobbing and advocacy
  • Program area: Nepal nationwide
  • OUR Major activities:
    1. Staff recruitment and office set up.
    2. Develop training package on generation gap mitigation program and care counseling.
  • Produce at least 100 numbers of trained human resources per year.
  1. Collect a data base of those people who are interest to get the services.
  2. Develop program policy to manage the services.
  3. Provide services and assistance for the clients.
  • Form a management committee by the representatives of clients.
  • Operate a resource / information center in order to raise the awareness and lobby on the right of aging people.
  1. Conduct generation gap mitigation program at a piloting program area.
  2. Lunch recreational events to the clients.
  3. Involve clients at the participatory review and planning meetings.
  • Publication and media collaboration.
  • Collaboration and networking with corporate sectors, Bi-lateral agencies, I/N/GO and religious as well as spiritual institutions.
  • Second Phase program: To build at least one 100 beds modern nursing home in each provinces of Nepal. It will be continuous development and will be decided  working areas according to the need of the people.
  • Program structure:
    Parents care and consultancy will be under the management of executive body of its members. Advisor committee will be functional by its helping hands and best wishers.
  • Membership provision:
    1. Founder member Category one for phase one: Contributes at least 100,000 and able to claim basic service for free for two people (Parents or themself).
    2. General member: Contributes Rs 10,000 & purchase the service in priority at the rate of institution
    3. Sponsorship: Sponsor to build Nursing home for poor and needy. Minimum of one room sponsorship donor will be awarded with his/her name and donation amount printed at the front of the room with his/her seven ancestors name and address if wished.
    4. Collaborate: It’s a kind of partner to work together for to achieve the similar goal.


  • Possible services:
    1. Care giving (hour, daily, monthly service)
    2. Recreational events, rituals assistance
  • Health / hospital/ travel assistance
  1. Yoga, Homeopathy, physiotherapy, meditation , ayurveda
  2. Community care, respite care, residential care
  3. Dementia care , palliative care
  • Organic food and healthy life style
  • Counseling and mental health care
  • Other

Sponsor based services

Free care for help-less senior citizen in limited number

Right based lobbing and advocacy

At the end of the session MD Uddhav Ghimre thanked to the media personals and  told that NACCN  is looking forward to work for aged  community.

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